Diary of a Mad Businessman Pt. 6: So I was wrong/Rethinking Safe Curbside & Limited Reopening.

  1. It is dangerous: It’s hard to keep people the right distance, and as more then one store on a block opens, it gets worse.
  2. It is uncomfortable for people to spend that time waiting, and a whole bunch of the time, it just isn’t worth it to them. It is one thing to support us, it’s another to wait in line for a half hour or more to do it.
  3. People waiting in line aren’t doing other shopping. They are just stuck there.
  • Writing in the raw. I decided that the ex-journalist in me was too embarrassed about basically publishing un-copy edited first drafts. No big deal if it was just musings, but less acceptable as I’ve been trying to get these sent out a bit to maybe affect some change. Well, turns out that writing these in the first place is stolen time. The notion that I can steal even more to edit the suckers is just not a thing. So for now…back to writing in the raw.]



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Ben Calica

Ben Calica


Ben Calica owns D20 Games, a store dedicated to getting people face to face, not face to screen. (kinda problematic at the moment.)